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Chapter Leader's

Our chapter leader's are representation in each state of our organization. They lead committee member's and host events in their state- possibly surrounding states. They communicate efficiently with our board and our members. 

*Ability to assist women in any outdoor activity( activities you are unfamiliar with you would connect her with the right person)
*Ability to plan and execute events/classes/co ops
*Help with recruiting women and marketing
*Assist in gathering resources in your state and connecting with local companies/fundraising
*Lead a committee and Volunteers
*Ability to use  gmail drives/create flyers/documents
*Social media and website responsibilities and more
*Must sign bylaws
*Must sign confidentiality agreement
*Must sign a responsibilities document
*This is a volunteer position
*Must attend meetings-4X a year
*Must participate in groups/website/pages
*Be active in our mission and help women & youth in your area find resources


Chapter Committee Member

Committee Members help chapter leaders create a smooth running chapter.

*Communicate efficiently with the state committee & Chapter leader

*Empower, educate, & motivate each woman regardless of outdoor activity

*Fundraise, promote, and recruit members within the state

*Help with social media posting and our website content

*Plan & execute events/classes

*Attend all meetings(90%) 4X a year

*Gather demographics in the state (women’s age, means, needs)

*Research the state (organizations, programs, outdoor companies)

*Remain professional & personable, as you are our state representative

*Each state representatives will have different needs, so some extra tasks may vary

*Follow all state laws & regulations

*Have state laws & regulations available, as well as all needed info for licensing

*Support & stay true to the mission

*Ability to work with women & youth of all different backgrounds

*Ability to help women with resources/great new comers

*You must sign our bylaws

*You must sign and abide by our non disclosure agreement.

Adventure Staff 

Empower, Educate, Motivate through social media and some events!

Our adventure staff market and recruit while doing so much more!


*Posting on your personal page and tagging us as well as posting
* educational and engaging items in our groups/fb/etc

*Share our events
*TAG our fb pages/instagram x2 a month

*Recruit members(we have give items/gift card rewards)
*Attend our adventure staff meetings-2X a year
*Assignments are given out yearly ( articles/identification/pictures)
*Ask for donations for our organization for your birthday/once a year
*Must sign a confidentiality agreement
*Must sign a responsibilities document

*Free membership with discounts
*10% off woto shop items 
*Free WOTO items & Help with gear
*One free Adventure Staff shirt/long sleeve/ sweatshirt/fishing shirt
*occassionally Free or discounted events/classes/charters/guided hunts
*Bi-Monthly giveaways($25 gift card to cabela's)
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