Wild Nature

 Chapter Leaders


Brianna Bruce

Washington Chapter leader

Brianna (Bree) was born and raised in Washington State, staying here her whole life and spending time all over the state. She is an avid huntress, angler, forager, and outdoors enthusiast. She runs her own guide business, Livin’ Life Adventures and has her Masters Coast Guard license. Bree is passionate about and partakes in most outdoor hobby in some fashion. She has fished and camped her whole life, run boats since she could reach the steering wheel, started hunting when she was 11, and has ridden horses for years. She’s passionate about conservation and volunteers at state fish hatcheries. In the past she has been an avid skier and dirt bike rider, and competed in 3 day eventing and dressage. Brianna loves teaching, and sharing her passion with people. She teaches fishing seminars and classes every chance she gets, and loves her job as a guide getting people into the outdoors and making memories. She’s excited to be working with WOTO, sharing her passion and helping other women experience the outdoors. She will be organizing WOTO events all across the state, and can’t wait to meet you!


Monica Shell

Tennessee Chapter leader

Monica Shell is an outdoors woman as well as a Coach and Mentor, dedicated to helping women create the life they want, no matter where they’ve been. Monica believes that self-reliance is at the core of a life well-lived and that building confidence through outdoor pursuits can be a gateway to taking ownership of our own peace and purpose. She lives in middle Tennessee with her husband and their myriad of critters, where she enjoys hunting, fishing, foraging, and gardening.

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Kelly Ott

Missouri Chapter leader

As a born and raised city girl from St. Louis, it took Kelly Ott a while to take to the woods and appreciate all that nature has to offer. Occasional fishing and outdoor activities with her family did not turn into a passion until her kids were grown and on their own. At the age of 50, Kelly took up hiking, backpacking, and hunting outside of her Midwest home in Missouri. It was then that she began to seek skills that would foster independence and growth. Kelly’s first serious hike and backpacking trip was an overnight excursion to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Since then, she has hiked many trails and climbed several mountains. Kelly has also enjoyed hunting everything from prairie dogs and pheasant to elk and bear, soaking in every bit of knowledge about wildlife habits, habitat, and harvesting. When not hunting, her favorite downtime activity is fishing from her kayak in local lakes and ponds. For Kelly, spending time outdoors is more than taking a break from a busy life; it is time to soak in the beauty of nature and reflect on what is important.


Wanda Stewart

Louisiana Chapter leader


Adventure Staff

Autumn Dodson

Kacie Pope

"I’m Kacie Pope. I’ve lived in New Mexico most of my life. I am a mom of two. I’ve been married for 12 years. My husband and I started hunting together 10 years ago. I’ve had hunting success with a muzzle loader, rifle, bow. I’ve been able to harvest big game, predators, birds. Fishing and back pack camping is another favorite of mine. I have recently start taxidermy school."


Kay Fetts

"I have always had a desire to become more proficient in the outdoors. I've always loved to shoot firearms and dreamed of having a fully stocked freezer of the meat I had harvested. When I became a Mom and realized I would be doing it alone, my desire intensified from this being a hobby to teaching my little girl how to be capable outdoors and survive. I began actively seeking out organizations that catered to women just like me. Taking advantage of these resources and the knowledge of those around me,  I am finally able to hone my skills in firearms, hunting, fishing, preserving food, and more! The opportunities to learn and acquire new skills are endless once you embark upon this path! I am looking forward to sharing what I learn with my daughter and other women that want to ensure our children's survival in a world with a future that often seems uncertain."


Danielle Haus

 Danielle was born and raised in Minnesota. She has hunted and fished all of her life. Danielle has been bow hunting since she was 12 and it has since become a real passion. "Nothing beats chasing those Minnesota whitetails."
Danielle truly enjoys shed hunting, kayaking, hiking, pheasant, turkey hunting and showing the guys how to catch a monster walleye!
She enjoys sharing as many outdoor experiences as she can with her 18 month old son. "I hope my son develops the same love for the outdoors as his parents!"

Heather Iverson

"The outdoors has always been a part of my life. As an infant my dad put me in a carrier on his back and would go fishing in the creek behind our house. He began taking me hunting at age 4. Now i am married with 2 kids of my own who my husband and i involve in all our adventures. We enjoy duck, squirrel, and turkey hunting, trapping, hiking, kayaking, foraging, camping, fishing, and pretty much anything in the great outdoors!"

Alicia Owen

 "I grew up hunting and trapping with my step dad. I also fish I have always loved fishing as far as I can remember. I "have been trapping since I was 14. Within the past 5 years got into hunting on my own. I hope to help out other women interested in getting to know about outdoor activities they haven't done"